Conflict of interest, a serious challenge to the health system

Document Type : Policy Paper


Paramedical science  of shahid beheshti university


Conflict of interest refers to situations that are created by contrast and conflict between individual or group obligations and benefits and put him in opposition to his responsibility. The health system, as the most important system in society, is always encounter with a challenge named conflict of interest because of complex financial and economic structure and also accessibility of society to services. Conflict of interest in the health system is detectable in all of the management and services area and can provide corruption basis. Due to relation of health system with the most important asset of people, means health, confront with challenge like conflict of interest is really important. One of the most important actions to confront with conflict of interest is creating approaches based on transparency including the creation of electronic health record and creating regulatory frameworks. Also, confront with dual practice problem in the health system is one of the most important actions.


Main Subjects

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